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About Us

Julia Vergara is a gifted healer who has found her life's calling. Born in Colombia, Julia now lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii, where the unique and active energy of the island is in sync with her mission to bring healing to others. Since childhood, Julia has had a natural instinct to promote others healing. There are stories of her as young as three years of age, helping an aunt recover from a headache by rubbing her head with her hands. As a teenager she planned to study medicine, but as a young adult pursued science instead and earned her Bachelor's degree in Marine Biology. This career pathway, supported by her parents, gave her in-depth knowledge and a profound connection with and respect for nature and animals.

While continuing her journey in search for her life's purpose, Julia studied massage therapy in Miami, Florida. Since then, she has continued to acquire numerous alternative healing techniques such as Reiki (under master Alexandra Navarro), Pranic Healing (under Master Glen and Master Marilag), Angel Therapy Mediumship (through Doreen Virtue) and The Blue Leaf Technique (with Alexandra Navarro).

In 2009 Julia began incorporating Hawaiian Healing Techniques like Lomilomi Massage and Ho'oponopono (healing through forgiveness), and she continues to learn and apply the wisdom of ancient healing arts with Hawaiian masters. Recently she has been incorporating in her session the concepts handled in the Mayan wisdom, having great healing results. Through Julia's studies and knowledge, and also through her own awakening, it has become her mission in life to teach others experience their own process of reconnection. As a holistic counselor and spiritual and energetic healer, Julia specializes in guiding others find their own spiritual connections with their angels, masters, nature and healing. This reconnection brings balance in your life, making you enjoy it more and reach your goals.

Since we are in this time on this beautiful planet when we need to build websites so people can read about what we do and who we are. Creating this particular website was a beautiful project that she accomplished thanks to some friends' help, just to mention some Viri, Brittany, Kamil, Diego, her sister Bibi and her daughter Veronica. She was pushed by the universe to create a new website and everything start falling into place. She had the pleasure to meet Eve Hogan who is the owner of a beautiful place upcountry and who with her open heart, did not hesitate for a minute to provide her Sacred Garden (www.sacredgardenmaui.com) to take some of the pictures you see in this website, definitely it is a magical place.

More than one time in our lives we receive that call to heal, rediscover and/or reconnect with our selves. If you feel that call now, Julia may guide you throw the journey, "Going Back to Basics".

Her therapy, "Back to Basics," facilitates discovery, healing and a powerful process of reconnecting. If you feel that call now, Julia may guide you to achieve your connection.

About Us - Who We Are

About Us

There are many different ways of dealing with situations and solving issues, and we possess the freedom to choose which pathway will get us to our final destination. Your Holistic Path can help you achieve your dreams by leading you on a new pathway of self-discovery.

Connecting with ourselves is the first and most important step to wholeness. This simple yet powerful process requires us to get in touch with our body, as well as the internal "closet" of our heart. By listening to the body and heart, we become attuned to the instincts that can help us find our happiness. Your Holistic Path founder and therapist Julia Vergara uses a variety of holistic healing techniques (Reiki, Pranic Healing, Angels, Masters, Spiritual Guides and Dolphin guided therapies, Multidimensional Therapy, Life Coaching) to guide you discover new connections with your spirituality, your dreams and with nature.

Through her caring and professional guidance, you can find love, forgiveness and acceptance as well as the ability to change old beliefs that are no longer useful to you. You will find balance in your daily activities, enhanced healing from physical ailments and emotional challenges, reach your dreams or start dreaming. You will also love and accept others, you will be a better friend, parent, son, sibling, co-worker, you will be a better human being and you will have a new sense of purpose and well-being. As we become aware of the power we have to make changes in our lives, we discover that we are artists of our own design. Your Holistic Path can guide you tap into your own power to make your life a masterpiece.

About Us - Dolphin Rainbow Healing

About Us

Based on the beliefs that healing comes from within us and that we are part of nature, healing results can be maximized when we are in harmony with nature. After being guided to create a combination of the dolphin and rainbow energies in the healing work Julia does, she created a hybrid therapy that draws on the best of nature for our own growth as part of the universe. This is how Dolphin Rainbow Healing was born.

Dolphin Rainbow Healing is an effective technique that draws upon the powerful attributes of the rainbow and the healing vibrations of dolphins. This therapy model can help ease depression as well as stimulate a natural healing process. The therapy is based on the ability of dolphins to help human beings evolve, by eliciting a healing response in humans in different levels (emotional, physical and energetic); it also utilizes the rainbow's full spectrum of colors to enhance healing on an energetic plane.

... are considered the angels of the sea, protecting not only the oceans and its creatures but also forming close spiritual connections with humans. They are known to help protect us and communicate with us, and it is clear that dolphins' high frequency vibration can transmit their healing energy to people.

... are sensitive to our state of being because they are able to detect any subtle shift in our energetic field or aura. Research shows that when dolphins are swimming with human beings, they become more interested in those that are ill, impaired or disabled. ... project an unconditional love that reaches beyond an emotional experience into a physiological transformation that boosts our immune system. In fact, many chronically ill patients show marked improvement after a dolphin encounter.

... can detect even a subtle shift in our energetic field, or aura. This sensitivity allows dolphins to help other creatures make connections with themselves and nature that can bring about healing and a deep understanding of one's life purpose. Due to their innate affinity for humans, dolphins are capable of expressing their compassion, acceptance and unconditional love with absolutely no judgment. This experience with dolphins brings about an emotional release, accompanied by a life-changing feeling of lightness. Dolphins expect nothing in return, yet their healing, angel-like energy can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

... heal with colors like Reiki or other healing practitioners do, when performing healing work in the chakras (energetic centers). I am able to connect with the dolphin energy and transmit their messages and healing.

... are intelligent and evolve creatures and they understand that we play an important role in the vibration changes the planet and the universe are undertaken right now.

... are connected all the time with their life purpose so they know that we (them and us) together could help the other creatures to reach their connection.

Rainbows ...
... contains the full range of colors and can help heal us in the energetic level. Our chakras, or energetic centers, in our body have the same colors of the full light spectrum-- the rainbow-- in its natural form.

... are the most colorful and uplifting expression of God's love that symbolize hope and inter-connectedness. For native Hawaiians, rainbows are the connection with the other side. All the meanings we could find or impose to the rainbow, all of them are beautiful an uplifting. All serve as a vivid reminder that we are not alone, and that there is something bigger and better around the corner.

... elicit physiological and emotional responses, similar to an encounter with dolphins.

About Us - Our Services

Dolphin Rainbow Healing founder and therapist Julia Vergara uses a variety of holistic healing techniques (Reiki, Pranic Healing, Angels, Masters, Spiritual Guides and Dolphin guided therapies, Multidimensional Therapy, Life Coaching) to guide you in the discovery of new connections with your spirituality, your dreams and with nature.