Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I expect from a Reiki session?

The client is usually lying on a massage table (treatments can also be given while the client is seated or even standing). The person reminds fully clothed. The practitioner places her/his hands on or near the client’s body in a series of hand positions like the head, shoulders, abdomen, feet among others. The main 7 chakras are addressed too. Positions may vary depending on clients’ needs.

How do I feel when receiving Reiki?

Feelings of deep relaxation are felt generally. As the Reiki energy encourages one to let go of all tension, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings, a state of peace and wellbeing is experienced. At the end of the session, one people usually feel clear and refreshed.

You may also feel some of the following symptoms:
• Floating sensations
• Tingling
• Seeing different colors
• May experience emotional release
• Feel revitalized

The experiences vary between individuals and also from session to session. Sometimes of the benefits of a Reiki treatment are obvious and other times needs time and patience for the benefits to come through.

Reiki techniques enable a treatment to be given without the client being present (distant healing) and are just as effective as in-person treatments.

What should I expect from a Pranic Healing Session?

It is recommended that the client sit or stand up allow the practitioner to have easy access to both sides of the body. (If the person cannot stand or sit, the treatment can be performed lying down.) The connection is better, and the healing is more effective, when practitioner and patient both breathe deeply. The patient is not touched at any time, because the treatment is done to the patient’s aura, which is located 10-15cm away from the physical body.

The practitioner does an energetic measurement of the chakras (using the 11 most important ones in this practice), which means that the energy that these centers is evaluated in order to clean, energize and stabilize them as needed. Depending on the patient’s condition, the practitioner will pay more attention to certain areas than others. There will be some movements like brushing the aura surrounding the body. The patient is an active participant during the session, so he or she will be asked to breathe deeply in some specific parts of the process.

How do I feel receiving Pranic Healing?

Generally, feelings of deep relaxation are felt overall. As the Pranic energy encourages a person to let go of all tension, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings, a state of peace and well-being is experienced. At the end of the session, most people usually feel clear and refreshed.

Pranic Healing techniques enable a treatment to be given without the client being present (allowing distance healing) and are just as effective as in-person treatments.

How is a Lomilomi session?

The massage therapist will pray at the beginning for the healing needed. The client could offer the intention for the massage too. There is not one massage to another. The practitioner uses his hands, elbows and forearms, working with the intuition, that way the client receives massage that was needed.

The practitioner will move his/her body like dancing, trying to keep the energy flow moving and keeping the vibration of the energy high between both of them.

One of the main goals of the massage session is to unblock the stagnant energy, so soft stretching of some joints is preformed. Hawaiians believe that the energy gets blocked in the joints.

Do I need a life coach?

Yes, and I am not trying to sell you anything here. I have a life coach myself. Everybody needs one if we want to get better in this life. You need a coach for anything you want to do right and master. Who you choose to be your coach, is another story. It needs to be a person you relate to somehow, either because you share some believes, have experiences in common, or just because you like him/her. There are many types of life coaches and many ways of coaching, and you will pick the one you like the best or feel more comfortable with.

How holistic life coaching works?

In order to modify or change our way of thinking and acting, takes training and practice. It is like going to the gym to get in shape, at the beginning you will learn how to do the exercises and with practice you get better at doing them and then your body starts looking healthier and it is easy to keep it that way. Same with life coaching, you will learn different ways of training your mind to be your server and not the other way around. It takes more than one session and they should be schedule weekly, to be able to keep up the “good shape”. At the beginning is a back and forth where your mind is trying to control you and take you back to old beliefs and ways of reacting, but the life coach will remind you to put in practice what you are learning.

How many session of coaching do I need?

Each person is different, but as minimum six session are recommended because after research and statistics done about this type of coaching we found that those are the numbers of sessions someone needs to have a basic understating and practice of how to connect with their heart and led it lead their lives.

Could you help me with my present marriage/relationship?

Yes. As a couple counselor, I approach your individuality first. We need to be whole when we like to share part of us to another person, so “I” come first before “WE”. Usually we get so busy with life that we start forgetting about what we wanted in the first place and just focusing in bringing up our kids (if we have) or just working more so we fill the spaces we do not want to feel empty. One day kids are all grown up and we are left empty. We need constant reminders to be a complete and balanced human being regardless who we are with or what we do. In this case the best reminder you could have is a life coach. A person who will guide you through regular situations to help you find the best way to deal with them and learn from the experience.

This coaching is personal, customize and of course private. It does not matter your present situation, there is always room for improvement. In order to get balanced we will approach the different aspects of the human being (mental, spiritual, physical, and energetic). Regarding relationships, as some of you may know, we bring to us those people that we need to learn from (it does not matter how wise, old or nice the person is, we are bringing him/her to our lives). If we do not learn the lessons, we are going to continue bumping our head to the wall, or like in Spanish we will say “tropece de nuevo con la misma piedra” which means I tripped with the same rock again. We need to learn with the partner we are now, in order to have healthier relationships with others (romantic or not) or with the same one if we want to continue in the relationship. Just because it is not working does not mean we need to separate and leave. Down the road another person will teach us the lesson and the more stubborn we get the harder it will be to learn and overcome the “obstacles” (lessons).

After you learn how to be balanced and of course happier in your own skin, your relationships will flow and you will be attracting the people you need in your life to help you grow and not to suffer. If you will stay with your present partner or not, it is something you will figure it out after you have been through the coaching. The coaching is for both, but individually. If one of the people involved is not interested, with one of you having the coaching is enough, why? Because we are a mirror in our relationships, so if you are better, the other one person gets better thanks to the same law.

What is the difference between Julia and other life coach?

I will share my experiences, knowledge and advice from a holistic point of view. All will be guided from your heart. I will be every step of the way with you while you start opening your heart. The heart needs to be open to be able to stop the conversations our mind has: “you are not good enough”, “if you do not work hard you will not have anything”, “if you do not have money, you are nobody”, “if you are bad you will go to hell when you die”, “you have a terminal illness”; there are those thoughts that we have either acquire through our life (mostly our early years from authority figures: parents, grandparents, teachers, doctors) or that we make up ourselves as we go in life. Those thoughts do not let our heart to speak. There is a balance that exists in everything around us and if we are in balance, our heart guides our lives and our mind is our server and not the other way around. We have been servers of our mind and what we have had in our minds so far is what we usually had followed and how we usually had reacted to situations. It is time to let our hearts guide us. Our heart is intelligent, some scientific facts:

Why is important the connection with the heart?

In the heart not only the love is, but also is where the intuition resides. The intuition is that first voice that we hear (and often ignore), that sixth sense (that men and women have), it helps to see beyond what our eyes and mind see. Those feelings from our heart are processed in our minds like our thoughts are. How to recognize them? I will give you an example: sometimes we do not know which road (or highway) to take to go to a specific place, the first one that comes to our mind is the one that your heart feels is the right one. If you start doubting it (there will be traffic, or the weather, or else), is your mind that is doing all those questions and you might take the wrong decision if you pay attention to those thoughts. First thoughts are heart guided, second thoughts are mind guided. Having the balance of both is needed to take better decisions.

How is a coaching session with Julia?

We do some talking and you will explain what would you like to achieve with the sessions, then a guided meditation to center you, then cleansing and balancing the energy in your body (Reiki/Pranic Healing), then we talk again and I will give you some advice regarding not only about the situation presented at the beginning but about other topics that might help you in general. I will give you some homework to do that could include but not limited to read a specific book, routine changes (eating habits, water intake, and nature contact), etc. Each week we will evaluate the progress and as we progress, there will be more adjustments to make and more homework to incorporate. This is a work that you will do, guided by me. At the end of the sessions you will feel more connected with you, your intuition, less fearful, less irritable, more stable and balanced. The final goal of any holistic coaching with me, regardless the situation you are will be to open your heart. That is the balance we are looking for

What exactly is being awake?

Knowing that there is an order that things occur, understating that I choose the lessons I am learning right now, seeing in each person a master that came here into my life at this present moment to teach me something and that it is up to me to learn it or not. Those masters not necessarily know that they are teaching me anything, but I recognize them (being awake). Being compassionate enough to be able to forgive and love even those who could have “hurt” me. In this awakening there is not really hurt anymore, it is an understanding that I was in their learning path and somehow I needed to learn a lesson. I am going to give an example of this last so it is clearer for us: a girl finds out that his boyfriend was with another girl and he did not tell her. The reaction for most women and even me 8 years ago would be: “why did he do this to me?”, “what did I do wrong?”, “he is a so and so”, etc. So what could be an awaken reaction to this: if he is showing me a lack of respect, it means that I need to start respecting myself more, if he showed me dishonesty, it means I have to work in my own honesty skills to myself and others; every single adjective to put in the situation, is a lesson for you if you are awake enough to see it.

How can I awake?

Like everything else, it takes getting help from someone, in this case, a life coach who will not only give you the tools, but guide each step of the way. It takes practice and reminders. We have been behaving in a certain way for over 30 years or so, therefore it takes time to master a different type of behavior. Opening your heart is a step in the process and it could happen early in the process or later on, but it is the key of success on the awakening process.

What does it mean being spiritual?

• Being connected with you
• Knowing in your heart that there is something bigger than you, that actually resides in you
• Accepting that we are all one and for that reason what happens to others matter to me

More than one time in my life I was trying to connect with God, the only way I knew was through the religion I was raised (Catholic). I failed every single time, why? Because the more I was trying to follow the rules, the more I was tempted not to. There were good moments in all those attempts, but I always got disappointed either to myself or to the religion. One day I just stop trying and I start just being a better person, with mistakes and having a great time. I am not saying religion is good or bad, but I believe it is not the only route to be spiritual.

One day I just start seeing something beyond my understanding and then it was when I started looking for help first to answer some questions that I could not find the answer in my logic mind. Why things were not going smooth as I expect them to be? I have had a great life, happy childhood; my sister says that I am just a happy camper. I had everything I wanted and more (thanks to my parents). I study the career I wanted, my dad supported me financially until I wanted (and he still helps me). My mom supported me in every single decision I made and comfort me when I made mistakes and correct me when I was wrong. I cannot think about changing anything about my life. That one day that things were going backwards in my life, it was when I started to ask: why? And the answers start slowly coming to me. It was in my hands to change what I was experiencing and the way I was experiencing it. If we were made like God image, how it come we have so many limitations? Because of our mind! If we let our heart lead our lives, we find balance and of course we find that we are capable of creating.

Does Julia have life figured it out?

Only one time has someone ask me in my face this question, but probably more than one has had it in their minds. I think if I have my life figure it out, I would not have to be here anymore. The whole purpose of being here besides being happy is to grow. From any point we are, just grow. Not trying to be someone else or grow like someone else, just grow.

One of the mistakes I was making at the beginning of this awakening process was that I was trying to be like someone I admired at that time and thinking that, that was the way to be. One day I heard: “just be a better version of you, God loves you for who you are”. But it was not that I did not know that before, it was this time that I heard it, was the right moment for me, and something in my mind finally clicked. We are in a continuous process of creating and re-creating ourselves.

What about the children?

Children of this times need a different type of guidance and education than the one you and I had. Both, schools and at home we need to make changes, so we do not frustrate their life mission. With a little bit of guidance for the parents and healing for the child, we could help them to grow happy in a changing society. We can no wait for the government in each country to make the changes. The change has to start with us. We need to be the change we want to see in the world and we could help our children in this process. They are asking for it, even though some do not want or can see it.

EDUCATION: advice for the parents or caretakers to handle better out-of-control situations so neither the children or parent get frustrated. Holistic counseling is available for the adults and healing for the children. Sometimes they are unbalanced and that’s why they behave certain way).

HEALING: Children (like animals too) heal really fast because they do not have their judging mind too developed like adults, so they are more open (healing will be for the child in presence of a guardian or parent).

HOLISTIC COUNSELING: When there is a broken family (separation), there is no need that the children suffer. There are many ways to avoid this and I could advice (counseling is for the parents).