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There are many different ways of dealing with situations and solving issues, and we possess the freedom to choose which pathway will get us to our final destination. Your Holistic Path can help you achieve your dreams by leading you on a new pathway of self-discovery. Connecting with ourselves is the first and most important step to wholeness. This simple yet powerful process requires us to get in touch with our body, as well as the internal "closet" of our heart. By listening to the body and heart, we become attuned to the instincts that can help us find our happiness.

Your Holistic Path founder and therapist Julia Vergara uses a variety of holistic healing techniques (Reiki, Pranic Healing, Angels, Masters, Spiritual Guides and Dolphin guided therapies, Multidimensional Therapy, Life Coaching) to help you discover new connections with your spirituality, your dreams and with nature.

Through her caring and professional guidance, you can find love, forgiveness and acceptance as well as the ability to change old beliefs that are no longer useful to you. You will find balance in your daily activities, enhanced healing from physical ailments and emotional challenges, reach your dreams or start dreaming. You will also love and accept others, you will be a better friend, parent, son, sibling, co-worker, you will be a better human being and you will have a new sense of purpose and well-being.

As we become aware of the power we have to make changes in our lives, we discover that we are artists of our own design. Your Holistic Path can help you tap into your own power to make your life a masterpiece.

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