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Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years, but the Japanese Doctor Mikao Usui was who re-discover this healing ancestral technique at the beginning of 1900’s. Through a spiritual channeling he saw what we know today as the Reiki symbols. These symbols are used to heal the past, present and future. They could be used in animals, plants, food, to protect our homes, cars, among others.

If we split Reiki word roots, REI means spirit in Japanese, spiritual consciousness, God consciousness. It is that wisdom that comes from God’s consciousness or the Higher Self, that conscious that knows everything. KI means vital energy, same as CHI in Chinese, PRANA in Sanskrit and TI or KI in Hawaiian. If this KI is blocked, low or unbalanced, we could be vulnerable to physical, emotional or spiritual ailments.

Reiki is based on lying on of hands. Reiki re-establishes the normal energy flow through the system which in turn enhances and accelerate the body’s innate healing ability. Reiki is simple and produces measurable results. Many hospitals are now using Reiki and tests show the success of recovery on patients.

Benefits of Reiki:
• Triggers mind and body general relaxation
• Reduces stress and increases sense of peace
• Reduces pain, illness, depression and anxiety
• Increases awareness, creativity, focus
• Negative patterns in your life may disappear
• Balances the body’s energy
• Helps with pre-natal and post-natal wellness
• Reduces post-partum depression
• Boost for the immune system
• Enhances and accelerate healing after surgery or injury
• Ease symptoms of cancer treatment

As Reiki practitioner I am the vessel for this universal energy to enter into the client, the Reiki itself with its wisdom knows where the body needs it most, and the body takes what is needed. Reiki techniques enable a treatment to be given without the client being present (distant healing) and are just as effective as in-person treatments.

Pranic Healing

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Pranic healing is an energetic medicine system developed by the Master Choa Kok Sui that uses Prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energetic processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means vital force. This invisible bio-energy keeps living creatures alive and in good health. In Chinese it is called CHI; in Hebrew it’s called RUAH (life breath).

Chemical engineer and businessman Master Choa Kok Sui invested 30 years of his life, studying with different Oriental masters and his own spiritual masters, developing an accessible method that everyone could use to practice energetic healing. Between 1983 and 1987 this Master dedicated his time finishing what would be his “spiritual thesis”, experimenting, validating, conceptualizing, formulating, systematizing and developing what we know today as modern Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healing is a simple yet effective energetic healing system. It is based on the ability of living creatures to heal them. This natural healing process is enhanced if the sun, air, earth and vital energy increases and is directed to emotional or physical imbalances. Pranic healing does not require medication or physical contact with the person to heal. The practitioner works on the energetic body, and not on the physical. The energetic body -- or aura -- is the blueprint that surrounds the physical body; it is the energetic body that absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body.

Pranic Healing works on the energetic body because physical ailments first appear as energetic disruptions in the aura before manifesting as physical problems. However, it is not necessary to have any ailment to receive Pranic Healing. Preventive healing helps to balance the energy in the body and helps to prevent illnesses taking hold. “We are immersed in a vital energy ocean and the healer can take Pranic energy from its surroundings” says Master Choa Kok Sui.

Many doctors are using Pranic Healing as a complement to their orthodox practices.


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Lomilomi means massage therapist in Hawaiian. To better understand Lomilomi, it is important to understand the Hawaiian philosophy (Huna) and how this one relates to healing. At the foundation of Huna is the idea that everything looks for harmony and love. The relation between this concept and Lomilomi is that the massage is given with love and focus so that the client is in perfect condition and the practitioner uses the hands with love. It is a soft but firm massage that addresses the muscles but the intention is realignment of the body at a deeper level, helping the client to find his or her own healing.

Lomilomi is not only a physical experience, but also helps with emotional, mental and spiritual healing. When healing occurs at a certain level, other levels are affected too, because we are interconnected, we are ONE. Receiving a Lomilomi massage helps to leave certain beliefs behind, behavioral patterns that create limitations that are stored in every cell of the body. We not only have memory in our brain, we have memory and programs in all the cells of our body.

In Hawai‘i, Huna was practiced for everyone, from a child to the great Chief. It is an indigenous practice of hundreds of years duration. In 1820 when the American missionaries arrived in Hawai‘i and converted the people to Christianity, Hawaiian practices were forbidden. Lomilomi, as a medical practice, was among those forbidden practices. Lomilomi as massage remained popular among Hawaiians and visitors.

Lomilomi, as a medical practice, was used in different contexts:
• As a healing practice: kahuna la‘aulapa‘au (herbal healers) and kahuna haha (diagnosticians)
• As a luxury and as a digestive aid, especially used by the Chiefs (ali’i)
• As a massage within the family
• By ‘olohe (masters of Hawaiian martial arts)

The client is not seen as a person who is broken, but rather as someone who is coming back to balance and harmony. It is important to point out that the practitioner does not heal but is just a facilitator so the healing can take place.

Doing a Hawaiian massage is to do a massage with aloha. Aloha not only means hello and goodbye, it is the sharing of vital energy in the present, to bless one another, and expresses love, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation, respect, and not judging, among other meanings.

Lomilomi is an alternative healing technique beyond a simple massage.

MAT# 11686

Life Coaching / Holistic Counseling

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Life coaching is for everyone who wants to do things better in life. You would hire a swimming coach to improve your swimming skills, to give you tips and/or techniques and to check your style and your performance to accomplish that. The same with a life coach; sometimes we need guidance to ease our lives.

Usually people look for a life coach when they are experiencing turbulence in their lives: a divorce, the loss of a loved one, moving to new places, starting careers, losing a job, etc. But a life coach does not only help when you are in trouble. Just as people do not go to the doctor for just a check-up, they often wait until something hurts or does not feel right (if they go at all).

The same applies to life coaching: people wait until they cannot do it for themselves and they need some guidance. Even though it would be better to prepare for those difficult moments while you are enjoying life that is not the case most of the time. You could maintain a better balanced life with a life coach and learn tools to keep life stable, so when things that shake you happen, you are better prepared.

Since my approach is holistic, my advice is always going to be from the spiritual, loving, caring, compassionate and transforming approach. I will not tell you what to do; I will give you tools to find the answers yourself. Life coaching with me will help you to find better ways to deal with situations. Many times we were raised in a way that does not give us the confidence and value system that we need as adults. In other words, we learned how to be happy, get married and live happily ever after; get richer, get smarter. We did not learn how to deal with the “downs” of life.

Even if we saw difficult situations in our homes, our parents probably did not deal with them well, and that is what we learned. Also, our models dealt with these situations with the tools they had at that time. We are not trying to judge how well we were raised; we are here to make the best out of it. With my help, you can accomplish your life goals faster than by yourself.

Mediumship Angel Therapy

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Connecting with our loved ones who have departed or with angels is very similar. They are usually not earth-bound so I can connect with them as soon as you give them permission to use me as a channel. Angel Mediumship sessions are healthy for the ones left behind; because it provides the opportunity to forgive, alleviate pain and provides knowledge that their loved one is doing well. It also helps them with the adaptation process to the physical loss and provides closure.

My re-awakening to this field of “life after life” occurred when my mom passed. Even though I had always been interested in this topic and when I was a child (3-7 years old) I used to see my sister who had passed when she was a year old (I also used to see angels and not-so-much angels too, I remember clearly the last ones), I blocked this gift, possibly because of fear of rejection. It was easier to make the decision of not wanting to see, because I did not understand what I was seeing and nobody could explain to me.

After my mom passed, a very close friend of mine told me that I needed to take a class with Doreen Virtue on Big Island to learn about how to communicate with the dead, so I did. That was one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given: It helped me not only to have peace with my mom’s departure, but also helped me to recognize my gift and not be afraid to use it for the good of everyone.

During my life I had several encounters with the “life after life” people, but since I did not seek these experiences, I denied it. When my mom passed, she gave me the confidence that if I was going to contact someone, it would be her, and so it was. I not only had contact with my mom, but also with my sister who became a beautiful young woman. Yes, when young people or children pass, they continue growing in the spiritual life to become the person they would be if on earth. When adults, elderly or very sick people pass, they revert to the best shape they had in their adult life. Sometimes in a mediumship session, people do not recognize who I am describing, because they did not meet or remember their loved one being young and/healthy.

There is nothing to be fearful about during an Angel Mediumship session; let’s leave that for Hollywood movies (of course they need to sell movies). Another difference in these sessions is that we are connecting with souls who are in the light and not earth-bound spirits. The session is carried out in a safe environment and, with my guardian angel’s help and my spiritual guides, I receive answers for the client.

Angel Mediumship sessions could take place by themselves or as a part of a connection and awakening session.

Angel Therapy

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Angels are support and love. Knowing that they are there and feeling them with you is an incredible experience. Our guardian angels are here to guide us and protect us; they are God’s helpers or messengers. The only thing left for us to do is allow them to help us and, of course, ask for their help.

Everything in our lives becomes harmonious and peaceful when we are in contact with our angels. They are not going to interfere with our will, but they do offer us their protection, support and guidance. It is very simple and we all can do it. You only need to have the desire to communicate with them, as well as perseverance, patience and confidence.

I can help you in the process and allow you to receive messages that they have probably been trying to communicate in the past. Angel therapy is a spiritual therapy used to heal every single aspect of a person. This kind of therapy can be drawn up from a distance and without too much information about the person. I only need some type of energy that connects me with the person to receive the information from the angels and spiritual guides. There are several ways to access the information they have for you and learn to communicate with them and to understand the signs.

Angel Therapy can be included in any other therapy you choose (no cost to you).

Multidimensional Therapy

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We are more than the body that we see and touch. As we reach higher levels of consciousness, we start feeling that we need something stronger or more effective to heal and grow. Sometimes we struggle with out-of-control situations, or repeatedly fail in our intention of improving specific areas in our lives. Thinking positively, or being a good human being, or trying to learn from our past life events is not always enough. It can appear that we are running in circles: repeating relationships or conflicts with others, and it seems nothing we do changes our experiences.

Then, when something clicks in our minds and we listen to our heart, we learn that we are looking for a deeper type of healing.

Our cells and souls have memory. Our cells have only been alive for this lifetime; on the other hand, our souls have been alive since the beginning of our existence, long before this lifetime. Certain lessons must be learned and challenges must be overcome. These are difficult processes. With multidimensional therapy, memories that prevent us from achieving what we want can be healed; even emotions, feelings or physical illnesses can be healed through this process. It is not necessary to believe that we were here before this time. What is important is to be open-minded and have an open heart receptive to healing.

Trauma in our lives on the other hand creates a separation between our physical body and our soul. This separation or holes have a great deal to us when we want to be healthy and whole. The individual at those traumatic moments gets vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, illnesses and also to energetic interferences. Trauma could be losing a job, breaking up with a partner, surgery, accidents, even euphoria among others. Those situations create certain programs in our minds that prevent us from achieving what we want or heal from emotions, feelings or physical illnesses. Multidimensional therapy help you heal all those programs that you do not need anymore and create the ones that are good for you. The healing can be achieved at many levels: physical (health), emotional (personal growth) and spiritual (soul learning). The only requirement for the person receiving this therapy is to believe in life.

Applied kinesiology is a reliable tool to connect with the individual’s unconsciousness and supra-consciousness. It is a conscious process, but all the layers of the being are brought together. We achieve the divine and conscious state of the individual and his/her capacity to heal, grow and reach his/her life goals. I use powerful techniques (crystals, ambers, sacred geometry, labradorite, moonstone, Goddess essence, among others) and some mudras and Master Points to decode internal systems (such as the immune, endocrine, etc.) and the energetic systems (chakras) and treat them in an individual manner.

Energy Cleansing

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Energy is something that exists and is around us. When we need to increase the energy in places or people, we can do it in different ways. The energy cleansing I am proposing in this case is one that we do with elements of nature. In Mayan culture there are rituals for this and I was initiated into two of them: fire and water. They are another tool and it could be applied to homes, businesses and people.

Using brushing-like movements, the fire element works through the smoke coming out of the “sahumador” (sacred receptacle in which the fire is lit) and the water element is spread out from another sacred receptacle, via basil leaves, to the person or place being cleansed.

Ministerial Services

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There are many ways of being spiritual; the connection we make is individual. That individuality and the acceptance of it is what makes this world a more colorful place. We all cannot become ONE if we do not recognize and embrace our own individuality. In everything that I do -- and in this case, ministerial services -- I understand that every single event in our lives is as unique as we are, and they should be celebrated that way. I truly believe that love is the answer for everything; thus all of our celebrations are an extension of that love.

I am legally ordained as a Minister by the Universal Life Church Monastery (ULC). Their slogan is “We are all children of the same universe”. ULC offers religious freedom and is open to all faiths. I can perform weddings, anniversaries, funerals, and many other occasions in US. I truly believe that expressing our spirituality in our own way brings us closer to the Source that we carry in each of our hearts.

Parenting and Mothering

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When we see parenting as a learning experience, we stop judging ourselves for the mistakes we have made and we are more able to show vulnerability to our children, which is a good way for them to learn how to appreciate us even more.

I do not have all the answers for you, but with my experience with adults, I have learned how important our childhood is and the repercussions our upbringing can have on adult selves; affecting how we interact with others, our relationship with food and our bodies, the love we have for ourselves and others and how we give and accept forgiveness. My guidance will be more in the sense of how you could be the best parent that you can, without comparing you to others. I have practiced these techniques with my daughter and have seen great results.

You will immediately see the difference in how your children will respond to your new-found confidence of being in charge, because of the way you handle tumultuous energy, and not just because you said so. It is about energy exchange, the same type of energy exchange that we have with other adults and the same type that we put into the thoughts and words of our daily lives.

If we accept this power/energy process, and we take advantage of it, our children will be happier, we will be happier, and of course our relationships will be more harmonious, both inside and outside the home.

The tools will be shared through seminars and through individual sessions where we can talk about individual challenges you are experiencing. Children of this time are definitely different than us and that our parents, we can not raised them the same way we were raised and for sure not the same way our parents were raised. It does not matter how old your children are, the tools can be applied to any age.

Parenting and mothering could be not only the most rewarding experience, but also the most important lesson of our lives. Our children are our big little masters.

Third Millennium Children

Children of these times are different. Spiritually, psychologically and socially speaking, we are experiencing the presence of children of the third millennium.

Studies made by Psychologists (Lee Carrol and Jan Tober, for example) show that the children of the present generation share some characteristics:

• They want to do things their own way (it could seems like they are stubborn);
• They easily learn what we teach them, and learn what we do not teach them too. We have to be really careful what we do or say;
• They love technology (computers, cellular phones could be their best hobbies);
• Very intuitive (telepathic, they even predict events);
• Frequently they have paranormal gifts (they can see spirits and angels);
• Very sensitive;
• They have the need of guidance and to feel safe and protected;
• They are independent;
• They prefer to hear the truth about anything. We cannot lie to them. It is important to be authentic and loyal with them;
• They do not easily accept easily social pressure;
• They are open and understanding with others and are helpful to their friends;
• If they feel obligated, they rebel; they close up and keep to themselves;
• They need to know the reason about anything (“Because I said so” is not an answer they accept easily);
• They view themselves as kings or queens, and they find it weird when they are not treated that way;
• They are precocious, courageous, opportune, honest and organized; they also have integrity,
• They have a high IQ;
• The first word they learn to say is “no”, and they use it really often (we have to convince them with valid arguments);
• They accept the guidance from people they respect and they have trouble with the absolute authority (the one that does not give explanations);
• They are very emotive, easily irritable, anxious, they have no fear, they are proud of themselves;
• Some could be introverted;
• They do not like others to make decisions without asking them first;
• If they are not understood or helped by safe and emotionally stable adults, they could suffer emotional blockages and look antisocial;
• They prefer adult company;
• They avoid superficial relationships and they like serious conversations rich in content;
• They are very sensitive with food and they prefer natural and organic food;
• They have a very close relationship with nature;
• They need new and stimulating methods of education;
• They need clear structure in their education (flexibility and freedom too);
• They are creative and they like art;
• They offer very close and long lasting friendship ;
• They are open-minded and tolerant, they do not judge;
• In difficult situations, they assume responsibility and encourage others;
• They are very spiritual. They understand their mission in this life and they want to accomplish it.

If most of these characteristics are present in the child, we could say that the child is an Indigo Child. If less than half of them are present, it could be an Indigo Child who has been suppressed.

Indigo is the color of the aura (an electromagnetic field that surrounds all the objects, alive or not). The classification by colors in regards to the personalities has been in place, since Hippocrates (about four centuries before Christ).

Psychologist Lee Carrol and Jan Tober gave the name of Indigo Children to those with the characteristics mentioned above, because they were the same found in the indigo color personality. It should be noted that indigo children have variants, considering that people have some of the other colors in their personalities. In the same way there is no one person equal to another, there are no two Indigo Children alike. Indigo children are warriors who come here to depart from expected parameters and open the road for Crystal and Rainbow Children.